Torshälla – A vibrant small town with an exciting history and active outdoor life

Torshälla is a town characterised by culture and its proximity to water. It is a charming destination that works well even in corona times. There’s lots to see and discover on your own. “Torshälla has a special atmosphere. It’s welcoming and you can feel that people care about each other here,” says Rina Oord Lundh.


Rina, who is a local developer at Eskilstuna Municipality, suggests that guests read up on Torshälla before their visit.

“There’s lots to discover in Torshälla, but the best places are spread out so it can be easy to miss them if you don’t know what you’re looking for.”


The old parts of Torshälla offer attractive cobbled alleys and low wooden houses.

“Don’t miss a walk along the charming street Lilla Gatan, where you’ll find the homestead museum Bergströmska Gården. The old bourgeoisie property survived the great fire in Torshälla in 1798.”

Lilla Gatan passes the older of Torshälla’s two squares. Torshälla market, a traditional craft market that attracts many visitors, is held in the cobbled square Rådhustorget every year in September. In 2020, the market was cancelled for the first time due to corona. This year, the people of Torshälla will hopefully be able to leave their houses again to meet at the town’s biggest annual event.

The town hall from the 19th century and Torshälla Church, which dates back to the 12th century, are located next to the square. The church acquired its characteristic stepped tower in the 19th century. Previous to that, the church had had a high pointed tower, but it was struck by lightning and burnt down several times. The church has unique limestone paintings and medieval wooden sculptures.

“There’s lots to discover in Torshälla, but the best places are spread out so it can be easy to miss them if you don’t know what you’re looking for.” says Rina, local developer at Eskilstuna Municipality

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Beautiful views, art for everyone and, of course, coffee

It’s easy to find a beautiful vantage point from one of Torshälla’s nine hills. One of them is Husberget, where there used to be a castle in the Middle Ages. Excavations have been able to establish that the castle was built up and burnt down on three occasions in the 14th century. Today, nothing remains of the castle, but the signs at the site tell of the exciting history. Husberget is also one of the landing sites on the digital cultural walk that has been produced for Torshälla.

Holmbergsparken Park in the middle of Torshälla was created by town gardener Georg Nyström over 100 years ago. Sculptures were placed along the winding paths right from the start. Several of the original sculptures have disappeared over the years, but new ones have been added. Today, there is a mix of classic and modern works, and everyone can find a favourite.

Photo: Therese Andersson via Visit Eskilstuna
Photo: Therese Andersson via Visit Eskilstuna


From Holmberget there is a beautiful view of River Torshälla, with Allan Ebeling’s sculpture ‘Tors bockar’ (Tor’s goats) and the church in the background. The artist Allan Ebeling has played a major role in adorning Torshälla. His impressive sculptures are spread throughout the town.

More of Ebeling’s art can be discovered at the Ebeling Museum in Torshälla. Next to the museum you’ll find Rolf Berg’s ceramic workshop with the much-loved pucks and trolls.

“In Torshälla there’s lots to experience outdoors,” says Rina Oord Lundh. “We have already mentioned the digital cultural walk. In Torshälla there are also many public works of art, and to discover them there’s a digital map that can be downloaded from Eskilstuna Municipality.”

When you’ve been out for a long time, there’s nothing like a tasty coffee. The patisserie Klassiska Konditori Amarant has been in Torshälla since the 1950s. The green villa, below Holmberget, is slightly newer.

Krusgårdsparken Park OCR course attracts new visitors

Krusgårdsparken Park is located by Torshälla harbour. It is a place that has played an important role in widely different ways in Torshälla’s history. If you’d like to find out more, you can listen to the history on the digital cultural walk. Today, it’s an activity park that attracts Torshälla residents and long-distance visitors.

“We’ve had a completely new group of visitors to Torshälla since the OCR course opened in Krusgårdsparken Park. It is an obstacle course and attracts elite and active exercisers. But everyone can try it – experienced exercisers and beginners.”

For those who prefer other sports, there are outdoor gyms, large grassy areas and pitches for football and handball. Krusgårdsparken Park is also home to one of the town’s most popular playgrounds, with a maritime theme.

For those who come to Torshälla for the nature experience and the proximity to Lake Mälaren, one suggestion is to go to Ängsholmen with one of the nine hills, located on the outskirts of Torshälla. There you get a breath-taking view of the fiord Blacken. If you’re lucky, sea eagles may circulate over Pilgrundet, just outside the outlet from River Torshälla.

“I would also like to recommend the Gyllenhielmska trail, which passes Torshälla on the way from Eskilstuna to Sundbyholm. And Å-stråket, a path that follows the river all the way from Eskilstuna via Torshälla out to Lake Mälaren,” says Rina Oord Lundh.

Photo: Visit Eskilstuna

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