The shops at Wäsby – an excursion gem outside Torshälla

In Mälarbaden outside Torshälla a real excursion gem is nestled between the fields, forests and villas. Here, beautiful new things meet the old. In carefully renovated storehouses and barns you can shop, enjoy a coffee, throw pottery or just stop and be inspired.


In 2011, Annica Skoog opened the first small interior design stop in Wäsby Magasin. That’s still the name of Annica’s own shop, which has now outgrown the storehouse and moved into the large stable. It features interior design and a selection of clothes from well-known brands such as Mateus, Bruka and Lexington.


Since its inception in 2011, the range has been expanded, changed and refined. There are now four shops and a café and bistro at Wäsby.

“We have continued to develop the farm in accordance with our visitors’ wishes. In the first shop I offered customers coffee and cake, but more and more people started asking for a proper café.”

Today, chef Veronica Hjalmarsson runs Bistro Wäsby in the former barn. It serves lunch and coffee in a lovely farm environment. In the warm season, you can take your coffee out into the sunshine. Large groups that want to sit separately can book a place in the greenhouse.

Next to the bistro is Wäsby’s Konstgalleri where local artists exhibit their works. So far, visitors have been able to enjoy everything from watercolour paintings to photo art. New exhibitions have already been booked in for several years ahead.

“Many people who visit us exclaim with surprise that ‘I had no idea there was something so nice here’. We are often praised for the care we have put into renovating the old buildings and the nice range we have in the shops,” Says Annica Skoog.

Photo: Wäsby Magasin
Photo: Wäsby Magasin
Photo: Blommor & Brie


Wäsby Vilt and Keramik by Anna are also located in the old barn. Wäsby Vilt is run by Ann Streng. She offers game delicacies with a taste of Lapland, in Torshälla. The shop also sells interior design and gift items with links to Norrland and the wild.

Anna Besterman is the ceramicist behind Keramik by Anna. In her shop, she sells her own utility ceramics: bowls, dishes and mugs that are beautiful to look at and can be used in everyday life. Anna also offers courses in throwing pottery.

The old storehouse, where it all started, is of course not empty either. There you’ll now find the shop Blommor & Brie with the florist, taste inspirer and sommelier Chatrin Jakobsson behind the counter. She offers ‘finishing touches for real’, as she herself says. Chatrin has worked with cheese and wine for almost her entire adult life and can offer the best suggestions on how to combine delicacies with the right drink. And for the right setting for the meal, you can also buy a beautifully composed bouquet from Blommor & Brie.

All the shops at Wäsby are run as their own companies and may have different opening hours. Annica therefore suggests that you always look at the Facebook pages of the different shops to see what applies on the day you plan your visit.

In 2021, the first shop at the farm, Wäsby Magasin, celebrates its 10th anniversary.

“We’re not finished here yet. We’ll continue to develop the farm. I have lots of ideas, and we have to get to grips with the old barn that’s falling apart. At the same time, it’s important to proceed carefully to maintain the charming atmosphere we have today,” says Annica Skoog and welcomes new and old visitors to the shops at Wäsby.

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