The dream of the country became reality at Rocklösa Gård

A small wooden bridge leads to the Gawell family’s land at Rocklösa Gård. The tranquillity and silence becomes apparent as soon as you get out of the car in the yard. A common reaction from those who visit the farm for the first time is “Wow, this really is the country!”

­Lena Gawell and her husband run a small farm and offer accommodation and experience packages for visitors. In the farm shop they sell their own meat, and eggs from chickens and ducks. There is also food craft from other local small-scale producers.

­For Lena, it was a childhood dream come true when she moved to Rocklösa Gård.

“We were going to move house and when we started looking for something new, we realised that for the same money as a basic villa in the town, we could get a whole farm out in the country.”

Over the years, Lena has accumulated a lot of knowledge that is now coming in useful. She had previously worked on a large farm and also taken several courses including in ecotourism and dietary advice.

“I really want to share my knowledge and give our guests a greater understanding of nature, food and the animals they meet here.”

At Rocklösa Gård there are chickens, ducks, horses and mountain cows. For Lena and Anders Gawell, it’s important that the animals are allowed to live as naturally as possible.

A common reaction from those who visit the farm for the first time is “Wow, this really is the country!”
Photo: Rocklösa Gård

­“Our hens are old native breeds, not laying hybrids. The hens are allowed to live in groups of up to 30; that’s how they would have lived in nature. The grazing animals are allowed to graze in the pastures for as long as possible. In winter, they get grass and herbs that we have dried and adapted to their needs; we never give grain or soy,” says Lena.

Photo: Rocklösa Gård
Photo: Rocklösa Gård

­The meat from the mountain cows is described as extra tasty, probably because they grow slowly and don’t get very big. It’s an old Swedish breed that today only exists in small numbers. At Rocklösa Gård, the cows graze among the oaks in the beautiful natural pastures and help to increase biodiversity. The tasty meat can be bought in the shop at Rocklösa Gård.

Experience package in a luxury setting

On the farm there are small cottages as well as a large house to rent, and there are a variety of experience packages to book. One of the most popular is the hiking package with extra luxuries.

“Sörmlandsleden trail runs near the farm, and we help with transfers so you can hike in places that might otherwise be difficult to get to. Recently we had guests who were out all day without meeting a single person. It’s a special experience.”

You get a packed lunch to take with you out into the forest. When you come back to the farm after the hike, you can relax in and enjoy the sauna. In the evening, a well-prepared 3-course dinner is served, with ingredients from the farm.

Another popular package is riding tours on Icelandic horses. These are arranged in collaboration with a nearby farm. The tours are appreciated by experienced riders and beginners alike.

“Whether you book one of the packages or just accommodation, it’s an experience in itself to get out in the country like this and to share life on the farm with us. Meet the animals, go for a walk around the pastures, maybe row out and fish or take a dip in one of the many lakes around here,” says Lena Gawell.

Photo: Rocklösa Gård

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