Taxinge Castle – kakslottet® (the cake castle) by the shore of Lake Mälaren

In an enduring castle setting right next to Lake Mälaren, Åsa Fimmerstad and her colleagues set out the daily buffet, laden with biscuits and cakes. “My mother started this business over 40 years ago. Then she used Grandma’s recipes for a traditional Swedish coffee party with seven kinds of biscuits.”

To this day, the classic recipes are still the most popular; they persist year after year. But new trends are also being introduced.

“Everyone can find something here that they like,” says Åsa Fimmerstad. “We have some 80-100 different types of biscuits and pastries in the buffet every day.”

“We’ve become known as kakslottet®. Our customers appreciate the wide choice and the craftsmanship behind our cake buffet. And, that we always use the finest produce such as real butter and cream.”

Kakslottet® is the main attraction at Taxinge, but there’s much more to discover here. Make sure you have time for a walk in the beautiful surroundings when planning your visit. The farm Näsby, to which the castle belongs, dates back to the Middle Ages. The buildings surrounding the castle house an art gallery and ceramics. The attractive gift shop sells unique products, and there’s also an outdoor shop in the grounds. Next to the castle, trotting horses graze in the pasture.

Photo: Pinterest

The castle is beautifully situated on a promontory in Lake Mälaren. Don’t forget your swimwear if you come here on a sunny day. There’s a lovely sandy beach in the bay below the castle.

Plenty of weddings and parties are arranged at Taxinge Castle, it is a wonderful place to celebrate your special occasion. 

“The cake buffet is as popular as ever. We have even noticed an upswing in new visitors during the pandemic. Many are took the opportunity to make excursions in their local area, and we are close to Stockholm. You may not want to be crowded into a café chain in the city and prefer to come out to us in nature.” On the lawn outside the castle there is plenty of space to spread out. You can bring your own picnic blanket if you don’t want to sit at the tables. Inside the castle, more dining rooms have been opened to allow space between the tables. At the buffet, guests are directed in to avoid crowding, and everyone is handed pastry tongs and a cake slice, which are then washed before being reused.

“People come here to eat really tasty biscuits and cakes and get out into the country at the same time and experience both the old castle and the Sörmland nature,” says Åsa Fimmerstad and welcomes new and old guests.

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