Quiet, a family feel and a bit of luxury

At Jogersö Camping you can enjoy a complete experience with forest, sea and comfortable accommodation. New this year is a glamping tent and a brand-new service building.

­To get to Jogersö, which is an island, drive over the small bridge and you’ll be met by a fantastic mixture of old-growth forest, allotments, permanent residences, the campsite and the incredibly beautiful seaside where you can take a morning and evening dip.

No partying

Seasonal campers, families with children and others who want a quiet and comfortable time come to Jogersö camping on holiday.

“Here, it’s quiet and peaceful, no partying and no music after 11 pm,” says Susann Borg, who runs the campsite.

­But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do on Jogersö. You have the forest right next door with jogging tracks of two and a half and five kilometres respectively. At Jogersöbadet there is a large sandy beach and plenty of grass to play football on or make up other games. There is also a diving tower for those who are brave, and if you want to be by yourself there are cliffs where you can sunbathe and swim.

“There are definitely enough things to do here to last a week,” says Susann Borg.

A big news item is the glamping tent. A 35 square metre tent located a little by itself on the edge of the forest, with an in-built double bed, a large wooden deck and cooking facilities. It’s the new way to camp. With glamour. So-called glamping.

“There are definitely enough things to do here to last a week,” says Susann Borg.

Photo: SN.se
Photo: Jogersö Camping

­From three to four stars

Another bit of news this year is a brand-new service building that will hopefully earn Jogersö Camping another star.

“We are currently a three-star campsite, but with the new four-star building, we hope to get another star,” says Susann Borg.

Susann is adamant that it should be clean inside and out.

“The grass should be cut and neat and the hygiene areas should be fresh,” she says.

­We want guests to enjoy themselves

When Jogersö Camping is full, there are about 400 guests here. But the mood still has a family feel. Maybe it’s because many of Susanne’s family are also involved in the business. Guest feedback is often positive. The clearest sign is that many return year after year. Several have expressed appreciation that the campsite is open and of the measures we have taken

“What I hear and what they write to us is ‘thank you for fixing this’, but they also contribute. They want to camp and then they take care of it,” concludes Susann Borg.

Photo: Jogersö Camping

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