Paddling for beginners, pros and yogis

Harmonious and almost meditative. That’s how Martin Koutny describes the experience of gliding through the water in a kayak. Both beginners and experienced paddlers come to Kayak och Fritid in Oxelösund.


Martin Koutny describes Jogersö, where Kajak och Fritid is located, as a beautiful place with seaside swimming and a nice, sandy beach. The outer archipelago, from which you can see the horizon, is nearby, just a half-hour paddle away. The archipelago is calm and peaceful, with fewer boats and people than better-known locations such as Stockholm’s archipelago. Here you can hire a kayak or SUP (stand-up paddleboard).

“It’s a fantastic way of getting out in nature and experiencing Oxelösund’s beautiful archipelago,” says Martin Koutny.

­Exercise and nature experience in one

Kayak och Fritid like to provide useful information and take care of their guests. They meet you on the beach and go through equipment, paddle technique and safety.

“You’ll get advice on different routes depending on the weather and wind, and we’ll show you on the map where you can paddle,” says Martin.

He can suggest routes for either a few hours or several days and nights. Families with children who just want to give it a go can stay within the bay.

“Our double kayaks are very stable, so you don’t need to be worried about capsizing,” promises Martin.

Those who come to Kayak och Fritid are often looking for the combination of movement and a good experience. You can really get that here. Kajak och Fritid also arranges various tours, for example paddleboard yoga.

“We paddle out to some beautiful place where we have a gentle yoga session. Then we have dinner or lunch together before paddling back,” explains Martin, promising a complete experience for those who take part.

“Many people have an aha moment and ask themselves why they didn’t try it out sooner,” explains Martin Koutny.

Photo: Per-Erik Adamsson

­Try something new just around the corner

If you’ve wanted to try kayak paddling but not been brave enough, perhaps you think it sounds scary and difficult, relax, Martin has looked after many like you.

“Many people have an aha moment and ask themselves why they didn’t try it out sooner,” he explains.

There’s something special about gliding silently through the water. You’re close to the animal life and the water. You can slip between the rocks and get to areas that boats are too big to navigate. It’s a unique nature experience according to Martin Koutny.

Corona times was equal to staycation times. Martin Koutny thinks it’s good that people could find things that are nearby. That way it could become something you can do again. It has less environmental impact and doesn’t require as much planning. At Kajak och Fritid you can hire all the equipment you need for paddling as well as tents and camping gear so you can be out for several days and nights.

The shop where customers sign contracts and make payments is small, so only one person is allowed in at a time. To make things easier when there’re many customers, tables are set up outside for several people to sign contracts and pay at the same time.

“We have tickets with QR codes for Swish payments to make the process smoother,” informs Martin Koutny.

When you’re actually out in your kayak you don’t need to be near anyone else. You can even find your own island where you can sunbathe, swim and have a great time.

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