Oxelösund – nicer than its reputation

Femöre Marina in Oxelösund offers beautiful nature, views over the exciting deep-water harbour to which some of the biggest Baltic Sea ships come, and, not least, fresh toilets.

­“A lot of people who haven’t been to Oxelösund don’t believe it’s as beautiful as it is here. But we’re a real archipelago town,” says Kjell Andersson, who runs the marina.

­Attractive nature and exciting ships

Those who’ve found their way here like to return, especially for the proximity to nature. Just two minutes by boat will take you to the archipelago, and you can find a place to sunbathe and swim with the horizon in your sights. Just outside the marina is the small island of Beten with a nice little beach, where Kjell Andersson makes sure it is clean and tidy for the beach guests.

If you don’t have your own boat, Kjell Andersson runs daily tours with his boat M/S Fiskeskär. You can choose to go on the full tour, which takes an hour, or hop off on an island and wait until the afternoon round tour comes by to take you back in again.

“The boat can take 12 persons, and you can spread out so you don’t have to be close together bearing in mind corona,” says Kjell.

The marina overlooks the large deep-water harbour, a big and important industry in Oxelösund that also attracts returning tourists.

“People find it interesting to walk around the harbour and look at the boats and ships. Some of the biggest Baltic Sea ships come here,” says Kjell Andersson.

“People find it interesting to walk around the harbour and look at the boats and ships. Some of the biggest Baltic Sea ships come here,” says Kjell Andersson.

­Small marina with space for motorhomes

The marina has space for about fifteen pleasure boats and twenty motorhomes and is located on an island – Femöre by the mouth of Bråviken. Part of the experience here is that the marina is small and unique. Here, professional boats share space with pleasure boats, for example. There is also a smokehouse and a restaurant.

Access to nature and fresh air is something that Kjell Andersson believes can attract visitors to the marina this summer. Half the island consists of a nature reserve. There are nice footpaths, and Sörmlandsleden trail passes here. Every evening in the summer, Kjell runs through the things to experience in the area.

“I describe the areas we have here in Oxelösund and how you can walk and cycle to get to different places.”

It’s easy to get in to Oxelösund. You can either walk two and a half kilometres along the seaside, take a tourist taxi for SEK 30 per person or a free ride on the so-called Tuff Tuff train. If you need a bit more city, shopping and restaurants than Oxelösund has to offer, it is only about ten kilometres to Nyköping, and there is a cycleway all the way there.

At his evening run-throughs, Kjell also explains how the facility works. There are four toilets and showers that are cleaned several times a day. It’s something Kjell Andersson takes great pride in.

“The freshness of the toilets determines what guests think of the whole facility,” he says.

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