Malmköpings Bad och Camping has everything you need for a relaxing holiday

“The thing that makes guests come back year after year to Malmköpings Bad och Camping is the combination of a personal welcome, top-class service buildings and the location,” says Carola Rydberg. “Our location is perfect, in the heart of Sörmland, at just the right distance from everything.”


The campsite is located by a beautiful lake that offers swimming and activities on our own sandy beach. The area has everything you need for a relaxing holiday.

“Parents come here who have worked hard for a whole year and just want to be able to take it easy. Here, they can enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book and see or hear their children play nearby. The children keep busy all day and just come home when they’re hungry.”

If you don’t want to cook yourself, Tom’s restaurant and café is open all summer.

“Every Friday and Saturday we have live music on the veranda. Admission is free and you can stay as long as you want. Some take the opportunity to enjoy a nice dinner and listen to the music, while others may prefer a cup of coffee or glass of wine. There’s always a great atmosphere.”

At Malmköpings Bad och Camping you are always close to Sörmland’s nature, while Malmköping’s small centre is within convenient walking distance, with shops, a post office and off-licence.


Activities close to nature for young and old

When you’ve finished your book and you want to get going, there are plenty of activities at Malmköping Bad och Camping. Malmköping’s museum tramway has a stop at the campsite, and on warm days you may want to hang out on the sandy beach, which also has a diving tower. Dogs have their own beach and shower by the service building. If you want to get out on the water, there are boats for hire and fishing permits are available to buy. If the warmth of the sun isn’t enough, the campsite has a very luxurious sauna, with space for large groups.

Adventure golf is an activity for everyone: children and adults. The courses at Malmköpings Bad och Camping are adapted so that beginners and more experienced players can enjoy a game together. Each hole has two options of play, one easy and one more difficult.

 “Our location is perfect, in the heart of Sörmland, at just the right distance from everything.”

Canoe on wooden dock on a lake

There are also good opportunities for forest walks and hiking short and long distances. One stage of the 1000 km Sörmlandsleden trail runs right next to the campsite. For cycling, there is Näckrosleden trail.

“Many people have used our campsite as a stop on their way from the north down to Öland. They have stayed here for one or two nights, and then they’ve asked themselves why they should continue down when everything they need is here. So now they stay one to two weeks instead,” says Carola.

Photo: Malmköpings Bad & Camping


The service buildings at the campsite are of absolute top class. The biggest is luxurious with a chandelier in the ceiling!

Malmköping Bad och Camping has 180 pitches, 12 cottages and a hostel. For motorhomes there are also pitches, on the grass in a cosy garden. The campsite is open all the year round, and during the summer there is a café, pub and restaurant. A drop-in system applies for camping with a tent, so no pre-booking is needed.

Photo: Malmköpings Bad & Camping

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