Magical castle view from a preserved baroque park

Ericsberg, situated outside Katrineholm, is one of Sweden’s best-preserved baroque castles. You can take part in its history on a guided tour. Photographs, 18th-century clothes and an old bath tell the stories of those who have lived and worked at the castle over the centuries.


“You’ll get to see an old croquet set that King Gustav the Fifth used when he visited the castle and other interesting curiosities,” explains Caroline Bonde Deichmann.

The castle is a private residence where Caroline Bonde Deichmann and her family live. Their home is of course not open to the public, but those who book a tour can still take part in the life of the castle over the centuries. On various tours you’ll be guided through the park, castle chapel and museum, and the greenhouse, which dates back to the 18th century.

Unique collections and a baroque park with an original maze

In the museum you’ll discover clothes from the 18th century, photographs, an old bath, a school desk, luggage and etuis. They tell the stories of the lives and deeds of those who once resided here. You’ll also find the doors from Bonde Palace, which used to stand on the site of what is now the Swedish seat of government, Rosenbad. The Hildebrand family built the palace, and before it was torn down they took some of the furnishings to their Ericsberg residence.

The castle chapel was built at the end of the 17th century, and in the greenhouse, which dates back to the 18thcentury, you’ll find fig trees and vines that are just as old.

“We have a peach tree from the 19th century with white peaches,” says Caroline.


The well-preserved baroque park, which dates back to the end of the 17th century, is open to visitors. It has everything a baroque park should have in the shape of strict and symmetrical planting, as well as an English park part if you prefer more natural verdure. For those brave enough, there’s also a maze. It’s an exact copy of the well-known one at Hampton Court Palace, just outside London.

“Such a well-preserved baroque park is quite unusual in Sweden; in fact it’s unique,” says Caroline, who describes the castle view from the park as magical.

“Here you can buy things to own for a long time. The designs are timeless but with a twist,” explains Caroline Bonde Deichmann.


Classic design with a twist

On Tuesday afternoons you can visit the castle’s interior design shop and café with home-baked goodies that follow old Ericsberg recipes.

The interior design shop stocks many beautiful items that have been carefully chosen and can’t be found everywhere else.

“Here you can buy things to own for a long time. The designs are timeless but with a twist,” explains Caroline Bonde Deichmann.

The shop also sells game meat. Maybe you fancy some game sausages for grilling or ‘isterband’ sausages? In August you can also order crayfish, but you’ll have to be quick because they are in high demand.

Hire a castle wing

You can hire the wings in front of the castle for accommodation. “They can be hired on a 24 h or weekly basis,” says Caroline, and tips off potential guests to the fact that one of Sweden’s best golf courses is located nearby. It’s also not far from a public swimming area. And, if you enjoy fishing, you can also purchase a fishing permit.

At Ericsberg you can enjoy a wonderful summer experience, promises Caroline Bone Deichmann.

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