Here you can sleep with Bono or Keith Richards

At Bomans in Trosa, every hotel room is unique and has its own personal décor. But they do all have one thing in common: every one of them has designer shoes for you to borrow.

­“I’m a shoe fetishist, and I want to share that with my guests,” says Kristin Boman, who owns and runs Bomans Hotel on the idyllic Trosa archipelago.

Open as usual

Bomans Hotel is open as usual and is offering a hiking package that includes transport to Sörmlandleden trail, a picnic, three-course dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.

“Interest in outdoor activities has increased and we want to adapt to that,” says Kristin Boman.

­The other packages you can partake in at Bomans include so-called SUP (stand-up-paddle boarding), kayaking and cycling. Or, why not head out on an electric scooter to Trosa town centre or for a longer tour?

The glorious garden is always open.

“You can come here and just have a drink and lie in a sofa in the garden,” says Kristin, and explains that they also have a harbour restaurant that is open during the day, Bomans bar.

“Here you can buy delicious, simple summer dishes,” explains Kristin.

We don’t follow the rules here

Kristin Boman doesn’t follow any rules on how a hotel room should look. It’s her personal interest in fashion, design and art that determines the aesthetic here. You can live in the Hermès room in which the entire roof is clad with framed designer shawls, or the Grandezza room with Versace wallpaper and a brass bath. At Bomans, you get a lot more than good food and a comfy bed, although you get that as well of course. However, it’s the special environment that bring many here.

“I’m not a reserved person; I like to be bold. If you like stripped back, cool Nordic design, this isn’t the place for you,” says Kristin.

Photo: Bomans Hotell i Trosa

­“I’m not a reserved person; I like to be bold. If you like stripped back, cool Nordic design, this isn’t the place for you,” says Kristin.

Kristin Boman believes that many like the hotel because it communicates a clear personality. This is where she shares her life. “It’s my blood,” she says, and calls the hotel her third child.

“I also have two real children,” she says.

There’s a piece of photo art hanging in the dining room of her daughter, who also has her own room in the hotel that’s now going to be redone.

“I did it when she was fourteen and she’s twenty-seven now. I have an artist who paints nearly everything in the hotel and she’s going to get to paint a portrait of my daughter in the room.”

Photo: Bomans Hotell i Trosa

­Another unusual design detail is that many of the rooms have a bath close to the bed.

“I think you should be together when you stay at a hotel,” says Kristin.

What do you say to living with Bono or Keith Richards? The Glimmer Twin room is Kristin Boman’s tribute to Keith Richards, whose walls are adorned with pictures of the rock icon. Even the artist Bono has got his own room, just like shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.

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