Get out in nature and engage the whole family in activity at Palstorp Adventure Park and Forest Village

A visit to Palstorp Adventure Park is an easy and enjoyable way of getting the family out in nature and active. The park has activities for everyone, from small children all the way up to teenagers, and of course adults as well. “You don’t come here to sit with a cup of coffee and scroll on your mobile,” says Marie Hansson, one of the owners of the park. “Here everyone gets active together.”

Palstorp Adventure Park and Forest Village is located in the scenic Kiladalen valley, south of Norrköping. It’s a convenient distance from several large cities including Stockholm, Norrköping and Linköping. Here the whole family can be entertained for hours while enjoying the fresh forest air.

At the park there are obstacle courses of different grades of difficulty, playgrounds, football golf, frisbee golf, ziplines and a slackline, a large play barn and more. On Tildas nature trail, children can learn more about animals in the forest. Also, don’t miss the combined art and information exhibit on birds in Sörmland’s nature.

“We’ve created Palstorp Adventure Park to encourage people to get out in nature and be more active. It should be a fun adventure. At the same time, it’s important that coming here feels easy with no demands being placed on you. We have lots of challenging activities, but if you feel unsure at any point you can always turn back and try something else. We really want to encourage families to do something active together.”

Photo: Palstorps Äventyrsgård och Skogsby

When you’ve been out in the forest all day, food tastes extra delicious. Feel free to bring your own packed lunch. There are prepared areas for those who want to barbeque. You can buy ice cream and basic food packages in the café. Charcoal and matches are also available for those who haven’t brought their own.


Coming to Palstorp Adventure Park should feel safe, even during the ongoing corona pandemic. That’s why we’ve limited the number of guests to less than half our normal capacity. Guests are encouraged to bring gloves to use during activities and their own picnic blankets or table cloths for the picnic tables.

“We have plenty of space for people to be active and it’s easy to avoid crowding. There are many activities to choose between.”

Stay overnight in the forest and prepare your food in the open air

Those who want to come for more than a day can stay overnight in the Forest Village. Overnight guests get access to the adventure park even after it closes to other visitors at 4 pm, so the play can continue for many more hours.

“Even in the Forest Village we want our guests to really feel like they’re out in nature. There’s no electricity or running water and you prepare your food in the outdoor kitchen.”

Baking pizza in a wood-fired oven or grilling sausages and telling stories around the campfire will be a life-long memory for the whole family.

There are fourteen beds divided between three cottages. For the summer of 2020 the cottages will only be hired out to a maximum of two visitor groups at a time to avoid crowding in the common spaces such as the outdoor kitchen and toilets.

“You’re invited to playful accommodation that reminds you of your forest surroundings. In one of the cottages the central pillar is a 100-year-old fir tree that also supports the four sleeping hammocks that are inside. In another, we’ve built in a large stone that serves as seating,” explains Marie.

Photo: Palstorps Äventyrsgård och Skogsby

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