Enjoy country life at Lasätter Gård

Lasätter Gård, outside Nyköping, has a real ‘Noisy Village’ feel (reference to book by Astrid Lindgren). For the Crafoord family, who own the farm, it’s important that guests feel welcome and comfortable. “We always meet our visitors and show them around the farm. During their stay we also look in on them to see that everything is fine. If guests want help with anything, they just have to come to us and knock on the door.”


Lasätter Gård not only offers cosy accommodation but also runs one of Sweden’s largest elder plantations, producing its own drinks that are sold at the farm and to restaurants. It’s also a horse farm.

A highlight of the stay, especially for many children, is usually to come into the stables with us in the evening and help feed the horses.

“Children are happy here; there’s always something exciting to do. They start playing, maybe football, or do a round on the horses’ jumping course,” says Monika Crafoord.


Lasätter Gård is really a place for socialising. In the guest barn everyone sleeps in the same room, but in individual little sleeping alcoves, separately but still together. In addition to the spacious barn, there are small rooms in the croft and at the riding facility.

“Lasätter Gård is as suitable for a big family as for a group of friends or a business conference.”

The farm offers great flexibility.

“Many of our conference groups, as well as individual groups, appreciate that they can rent the farm and have it all to themselves. Here, you can talk about things that no one else should hear. Now, in corona times, you also reduce the risk of infection as you don’t have to share spaces with other parties. You can also be outdoors a lot. Remember to pack clothes for life in the country.”

Around the farm there are easy tracks and long-distance footpaths for those who want to discover Sörmland’s forests. If you want, you can book a guide who will show you the way and describe how people lived in the forest 150 years ago.

“Lasätter Gård is as suitable for a big family as for a group of friends or a business conference.”

Photo: Lasätter Gård
Photo: Lasätter Gård


“Visit old settlements in the forest and listen to exciting stories. The day ends by climbing up a unique, newly renovated fire tower with expansive views of the Kolmården forests. And, you may want to take something tasty to barbecue at one of the wind shelters.”

Good food is an important part of a nice get-together. In the barn’s kitchen, guests can prepare their meals together, or they can choose to socialise around the open fire in the farm’s hut. Groups can also order their meals in a collaboration with local restaurateurs.

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