Enjoy a luxurious holiday at Sundbyholm Castle by the shore of Lake Mälaren

Guests come to Sundbyholm Castle to be looked after and enjoy themselves in the beautiful surroundings. The romantic setting has become nationally known through the TV programme Bonde Söker Fru (Farmer Wants a Wife), amongst other things. The castle, which was originally built by Marshal of the Realm Carl Carlsson Gyllenhielm, is located by the shore of Lake Mälaren outside Eskilstuna. Nowadays, within the castle building itself there’s a restaurant and banquet halls. There are hotel rooms in the buildings surrounding the castle, both modern and old.


The hotel offers several different packages. During the summer the focus is on outdoor activities in the beautiful surroundings. The 36-kilometre long Gyllenhielmska trail starts in Sundbyholm, and the hiking packages are popular. You can take both long hikes and short walks in the forests around the castle. Discover Europe’s northernmost beech forest, which has a special shimmer when the sun filters through the leaves. Bring your binoculars and climb up the bird tower, you might get a glimpse of Sörmland’s provincial bird, the osprey.


Just a 15-minute walk from Sundbyholm Castle is Sörmland’s largest rock carving. The Ramsund Carving tells the story of Sigurd Fafnesbane. It’s a tale which regularly appears in the Old Norse and Germanic traditions and was also the basis for Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

“In Sundbyholm we have one of Mälaren’s longest sand beaches. For the summer we have also made provisions for our guests to get out on the water. In the marina below the castle you can hire pontoon rafts,” says Christin Widerberg, who runs Sundbyholm Castle together with her husband.

In the marina there’s also a café and restaurant, where you can have a bite to eat and buy a tasty ice cream to enjoy on the jetty.

“We remind our guests that we should look after and show consideration for each other.”

Photo: Sundbyholms Slott

Private entrance to the rooms directly from nature

Many of the hotel rooms are located in small houses with entrances directly from the surrounding nature.

“We’ve put together a package that allows guests to keep completely to themselves in their suite if they so wish. The only person they need to meet is the porter, who brings breakfast and dinner to the room. In the envelope with their keys, guests also receive a map on which we’ve marked nice walks in the area.”

If you don’t choose the room service package, breakfast and à la carte dinner are served in the beautiful halls in the castle, or on the terrace if the weather allows. The different packages include three- or four-course dinners.

The junior suites, with two bedrooms and an entrance directly to the park, are also good for families with children. In Sundbyholm there’s plenty to discover, even for young children. Next to the long sand beach there’s a playground that’s been built taking inspiration from the surrounding nature. There’s also an exhibition where you can learn more about the birds in the area. For a more exotic animal experience we recommend a trip to Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna.

Foto: Sundbyholms Slott


“We remind our guests that we should look after and show consideration for each other.”

Sundbyholm Castle has had a difficult period with conferences, weddings and parties cancelled.

“We’re happy that our private guests have continued to come,” says Christin Widerberg. “We’re positive about the future and have plenty to offer holidaymakers who want to relax in beautiful surroundings.”

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